Supplies List: There is not a specific list of supplies for high school. However, there are several staples all students can start with. Below are recommendations from teachers and students.

Grade 8 Supply List:

Items marked with an asterisk* are deemed essential:

  • Gym Shoes – only indoor athletic shoes are allowed in the gym.*
  • Outdoor ED - Clothing that can be worn outside during the outdoor education elective. Be prepared for all weather conditions.*
  • Two binders (3 inch rings) with lined, 3-hole punched paper and dividers (2 packages)*
  • Blue or black pens*
  • HB pencils and eraser*
  • Calculator (pi, square root and square function needed)

Scientific calculator not needed until Grade 10.*

  • Red pen
  • Highlighters (2 colours)
  • Students will need scissors, glue, ruler, pencil crayons and markers for some projects.
  • Memory stick or online account to store files
  • The importance of reading cannot be overemphasized and students will need to bring a novel (their own or from the library) to every Humanities class for independent reading!*

General Supply List – Grades 9-12

  • 3 inch binder
    o 3 hole pencil case
    o 3 packages of dividers (15 total)
    o 2 red & 4 blue pens
    o 10 HB pencils
    o 1 eraser
    o 1 pencil sharpener
    o 2 highlighters
    o 1 metric ruler
    o pencil crayons
    o scissors
    o 1 glue stick
    o 1 quality geometry set
    o 1 Scientific calculator
    o 4 packages of lined paper
    oMemory stick or online account to store files

Physical Education Supplies Grades 8-12

  • Water bottle

*** Some courses may have specific supply requirements. Teachers will advise students of any items that need to be purchased in addition to this list.

MyEd BC Parent Link

The parent portal will allow access to view Smithers Secondary School report cards and other information for your child (ren).

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Erase Bullying

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Bullying...Be in the know

Simply put, bullying is a pattern of unwelcome or aggressive behaviour, often with the goal of making others uncomfortable, scared or hurt. It’s almost always used as a way of having control or power over their target, and it is often based on another person’s appearance, culture, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Every child deserves an education free from discrimination, bullying, harassment, intimidation and violence. The ERASE (Expect Respect and A Safe Education) Bullying strategy is part of the Province of British Columbia’s efforts to personalize learning and supports for all students.

Erase Bullying website


Please click here for instructions for the PSI (post secondary institutions) selection form. This sends your transcripts to post secondary institutions free of charge. If you require assistance, please come to the counselling office.

Grad fees for 2018 are due ASAP.

$25 Cap and Gown

$10 Baby Photo in Interior News

$65 Prom

$55 DAF Grad

Please contact Connie Anweiler to make alternate arrangements if needed.

Our 2018 Prom will be on June 16th.

Our 2018 Graduation Commencement ceremony will be on June 23rd.

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