Interested in graduating high school with a trades certificate?

You can if you ACE IT.

ACE IT (Accelerated Credit Enrolment in Industry Training) is an industry certification program for BC secondary school students that enables you to earn both graduation credits and credit for the first level of technical training associated with an Industry Training Program or apprenticeship.

Who's ACE IT for?
Grade 11 or 12 students who have not yet graduated can apply to enroll in the ACE IT program.

How does ACE IT work?

Once accepted into the program you'll spend a minimum one semester at an approved college receiving level 1 technical training in the trade of your choice. Upon successful completion of Level 1 you'll receive your level 1 certificate and graduation credits proportional to the # of weeks spent in training.

Industry Training Authority (ITA), through the School District, covers tuition costs. Contact the careers office for details.