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Design & Drafting

Drafting and Design 9

Basic drafting skills are taught: types of lines, scale, pic- torial and orthographic views, sectioning, dimensioning, threads and fasteners. Some simple architectural and "parts and assembly" drawings and a design problem will be assigned. 

Industrial Design 11

Industrial Design 11 and 12 provides students with opportunities to use a variety of industry based materials, tools, machines and equipment, including CADD, computer assisted manufacturing (CAM), and computer numeric control (CNC). Students will use various communication processes including, sketching technical drawing computer-assisted drafting and design (CADD), video and photography, modeling, animation and simulation. 


Pre-requisite: Design and Drafting 9 is an asset but not necessary.

After learning the basics of design and drafting (see Design and Drafting 9 course description), students will engage in higher-level design concepts and drafting skills by taking on self-directed projects which address “real-world” design problems. The scope of such projects includes:

  • application of computer-based design and drafting programs
  • research, development and presentation of design ideas and solutions
  • create complex drawing and prepare drawing details
  • apply responsible ethical considerations such as environmentalism, globalization when drafting and designing
  • assess how design reflects society, culture and the environment and understand career opportunities related to design and drafting 


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