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Our Beginning

full gryphonThe Gryphon, our school mascot

 The first high school students in Smithers attended classes in the old Scott Hall.  The first one room high school was located where Muheim Memorial Elementary school now stands.  Then, in 1927,a two room school house was built which accommodated about 60 students.  As the population of Smithers steadily grewso did the number of students and starting in 1963, students in the junior grades were gradually moved from Smithers Secondary to Chandler Park Junior Secondary School.  In 1978 Smithers Senior Secondary School was built at 4408 3rd Ave.  It enrolled 400 students in grades 10 -12 and was staffed by 23 full time and 4 part time teachers.  In 1981, the grade nine students were once again moved from Chandler Park to SSS.  There was an expansive addition which also included a theatre in 2000.  In 2004 Chandler Park Middle closed down and Smithers Senior Secondary School became Smithers Secondary School accommodating grades 8 - 12.  Increasing enrollment since that time has required the School District to put up 8 portables.  As of September 2014, SSS has 735 students, 45 teaching staff and 30 support staff.

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