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Jewelry 9-12

Jewelry is a locally developed course that students can take in grades 9-12.

Students use metals such as silver, pewter, brass and copper to design and create their own jewelry. In doing so, they engage is small-scale metal processes which
include bending, embossing, cutting, melting, soldering, casting and enameling in order to make earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings, brooches, chains. We also focus on lapidary skills. Students cut cabochons from rocks found locally or cut stones using our diamond facetor.
Students will then set these stones into their own designs. 

This course does emphasize design process so that students can make their own wearable art - products of their own concepts and imagination.



After learning the basics of Jewelry – safety, use of tools and equipment, lapidary skills and basic joining and forming processes – students can further develop their knowledge and skills by taking on self-directed jewelry projects. The scope of these projects includes:

* designing, planning and completing their project

* an understanding of suitable finishings for their project

* identification of aesthetic components of design and costing of materials

* an understanding of silver and gold origins and the social significance of jewelry

* identification of gold and silver-smithing post-secondary opportunities 

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