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We promote reading, while also serving the information and research needs of over 600 students and 50 staff.   


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How to Search the SSS Library Catalogue from your Device 


1) Click on the Library menu on hte SSS homepage.

2) Click on Library Catalogue.

2) Make sure the library that you are searching is “Smithers Secondary”. (Click the down arrow next to the Libraries box for options).

3) You can search by title, author, subject or series. 


You can easily see if the book is in under “Availability.” 

Each book has a "Call number." This number lets you know where to find the book. Here's an example:  F RIO (FAN). 

F = Fiction 

FAN = Fantasy 

RIO = the last three letters of the author's surname. 

You would find the book in the Fiction section, the Fantasy shelves, under R..


How to Browse the Library Shelves from Home

1) Click on Kids on the right hand side of the library catalogue page.  

2) Click on the orange 'Kiosk' button.

3) Choose a genre (such as Fantasy), type of book (such as Quick Reads) to browse.  






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