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"I Read Canadian" Day

Feb 17, 2021


"We challenge the nation to “Read Canadian” for 15 minutes and to share their experience..." I Read Canadian website

The SSS library has over 800 books by Canadians or set in Canada. There are 3 ways to find them:

1) If you are in the llibrary you can browse the shelves for the Canadian Flag label on the spine of books.  These indicate a Canadian author. 

2) Search the library catalouge for 'Canadian author' in the subject field.  You may further refine your search by genre.  Example: A Canadian author who writes Fantasy.

3) Go to the Kiosk in the library catalouge (see instructions below) click the Canadian icon.  You can refine your search by province. 

Note to Students: If you have read a book by a Canadian author in February you have the chance to enter a draw to win a book of your choice!

Here are some examples of Canadian titles:

British Columbia
--No Fixed Address by Susin Nielsen
--White Girl by Sylvia Olsen
--The Perfect Gentle Knight by Kit Pearson
--Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel

--War games by Jacqueline Guest
--Devil’s Pass by Sigmund Brouwer
--Thunderbird Spirit by Sigmund Brouwer

--The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur G. Slade
--The Lottery by Beth Goobie

--In my Enemy’s House by Carol Matas
--250 Hours by Colleen Nelson

--Broken Strings by Eric Walters
--Whispers of War: the War of 1812 diary of Susanna Merritt by Kit Pearson
--Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood
--Robert Munch books

--Alone in an Untamed Land by Maxine Trottier
--Ink Me by Richard Scrimger

--Baygirl by Heather Smith
--A Whale for the Killing by Farley Mowat

Nova Scotia
--Refuge Cove by Lesley Choyce
--Nine Doors by Vicki Grant

Prince Edward Island
--Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery
-- Charlie Wilcox's Great War by Sharon E. McKay

Northwest Territories
--The Lesser Blessed by Richard van Camp
--Lost in the Barrens by Farley Mowat

--The Inuk Mountie Adventure by Eric Wilson
--Fatty-legs by Christy Fenton-Jordan

--One in Every Crowd by Ivan Coyote
--The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service

How to Search the SSS Library Catalogue from your Device magnifying glass clipart

1) Click on Library Catalogue under the Library menu of the SSS homepage.

2) Make sure the library that you are searching is “Smithers Secondary”. (Click the down arrow next to the Libraries box for options).

3) You can search by title, author, subject or series. 


You can easily see if the book is in under “Availability.” 

The books are organized on the shlves by Genre (like Fantasy or Mystery), then by last name of the author.  You will know which genre the book is by the three letter code in brackets after the Call number.

Here's an example:  F RIO (FAN).  F means it is in the Fiction section.  FAN means the Fantasy shelves and RIO is the last three letters of the author's surname.  You would find the book in the Fiction section, the Fantasy shelves in the R section.



How to Find a Book You Like in the SSS Library Catalogue

 1) Click on Kids on the right hand side of the library catalogue page.  

2) Click on the orange 'Kiosk' button.



3) Choose a genre (such as Fantasy), type of book (such as Quick Reads) to browse.  





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