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Techonology Education 9: Metalwork

Metal 9 is a strong foundations course. The basics of most of the machinery processes for the entire shop are taught in this course. It is strongly recommended that this course be taken prior to taking Metal 10-12. Students will produce three main projects:

Steel C-Clamp, which will involve lathe & milling work

Digi-Dice bank, which will involve Oxy-Acetylene welding & MIG welding

Fold up survival shovel which will involve lathe work, bending and forming sheet metal. 

Metal Fabrication and Machining 11

Metal Technology 11 is a “hands on” course designed to introduce the student to the practices and principles of metal fabrication.
The course includes segments on arc, gas and mig welding, lathe work and bench work. There is a strong safety component in the course. The student should be competent in mathematics. The students will be required to design and complete a simple welding/ fabricating project as well as a lathe project. 

Metal Fabricatioin & Machining & Welding 12

Students will be expected to design and develop their own projects or choose projects appropriate to their abilities from a book of plans. 

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