Planning for graduation involves making a number of decisions.

Whether you want to go on to post-secondary education or directly to the world of work when you graduate from high school, you have to be thinking ahead. If you’re planning to attend a post-secondary school, what high school courses did you choose to get into your chosen program? If you want to work, are you taking the courses that will give you the skills and knowledge that potential employers are looking for? Does your course plan for grade 12 need to change? Discuss your plan with a parent/guardian and a school counsellor.



As you select your courses, consider:

  • The courses required for graduation
  • The skills you would like to develop in order to achieve your career goals
  • Your interests and post-secondary plans
  • Any requirements for the post-secondary direction you are considering
  • Be aware that if you plan to graduate early, student summer work and your passport to education may be affected.
  • Students wishing to graduate with honours must complete English 12 and 3 other Grade 12 examinable courses to be considered. Students do not have to write the government exams to be considered.