The Technology program will provide students with the opportunity to learn skills related to AutoDesk AutoCad programs. These skills are easily transferable to many other drafting and design programs and are widely used in industry. Concepts such as design, 3D modeling and realistic renderings will be used.

Employment Opportunities


Work Experience

Careers related to this program include:


Placements for work experience include:



Ministry of Forests

Interior Design





Forestry Consultants



Metal Fabricators

Forest Technician



Town Planner


Engineering Firms

Metal Fabrication


Ministry of Environment

Mechanical Design


Drafting Firms



Robotics and Automation


Fashion Designers


Prosthetics Design


Aircraft Design


Required Courses:

Students must take 12 credits from Group A, 8 credits from Group B, and 4 credits from Group C. (All courses are 4 credits unless otherwise indicated.)

Group A

Group B

Group C

Drafting 11

Physics 11

Physics 12

Drafting 12

Math 11

Math 12

CP Work Experience 12

Information Technology 11

Information Technology 12


Visual Arts 2D 11

Construction 12


CP Computer Graphics 11

Metalwork 12


Construction 11

Chemistry 12


Metalwork 11


Forests 11


Earth Science 11


Technology 11


Chemistry 11