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All scholarship information can now be found on this page.  Below are local scholarships and bursaries available for download. Local donors update their applications as they become available. Please let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to assist you in downloading and printing applications in the counselling office.

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Finding Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

​Local Scholarships and Awards:

Every year, Bulkley Valley businesses, groups, organizations, clubs, and individuals donate money in the form of scholarships and awards for graduates of School District 54. Selections are based on a variety of criteria which may include marks, merit, affiliation or financial need. 


Please browse this list and download applications you are interested in. These applications are either submitted by email or through the post office to the local organizations offering them. Applications are updated at various times throughout the year. Students can complete and submit all applications on this list regardless of the year indicated on the application. 

               Local Scholarships and Bursaries 2022-2023

Please click on the Award to access the pdf 

**Check the applications for specific month due**


Award Details



Indigenous Education Council – Academic Scholarship is awarded to the Indigenous student with the highest academic achievement to support their post-secondary education.




Indigenous Education Council – Leadership Award is awarded to the Indigenous student who has demonstrated leadership in their school and community as an Indigenous Leader.



BC Excellence Scholarship is awarded to one student nominated by each school.

Criteria:  Community Service, volunteer experience and leadership role.  Maintain a B average in Grade 11 and 12 courses.


 SSS nomination Dec

Bulkley Woodlot Association Forestry Bursary is open to any graduating high school student in the Bulkley Valley or any resident of the Bulkley Valley enrolling in the first year of a post-secondary program. Priority given to students enrolling in a natural resources program.



Bulkley Valley Band Boosters' Bursary requirements:  applicant must have participated in band at SSS every year they attended SSS.

$up to 500


BV Cattlemen's Association - awards a bursary to a student entering first or second year post-secondary training.  Preference will be given to a student entering the field of agriculture or related studies.



BV Community Arts Council Extended Study Awards are to assist full-time study in literary, visual, or performing arts.

Up to $1,500


BV Community Foundation Learning Awards

  • Fritz Pfeiffer adult Learning Awards

  • BVCF Grade 12 Learning Awards Wetzin’kwa

  • Grade 12 Learning Awards

Up to $2,000


Bulkley Valley Credit Union Eduation Award is based on financial need, future employment plans, and community involvement.  Academic excellence is not a prerequisite.




2021 Credit Union Foundation of B.C. Credit Union Foundation Award is based on financial need, future employment plans, and community involvement.  Academic excellence is not a prerequisite.                           $1,000          Feb

Bulkley Valley District Hospital Auxiliary Society Bursaries

  • Study in health care field, $500 per year up to 4 years.

  • 50 hrs. volunteering for the hospital auxiliary & going on in human medical field.

  • Continuing education in any field.





BVFMS - Bulkley Valley Folk Music Society

Marshal Boucher Memorial Award - The BVFMS has as part of its mandate “to promote the development of music and musicianship in the Bulkley Valley”. This award is intended to support and promote continued education in the performance arts, with preference given to a student intending to develop their musicianship.

                             $1000    May 28th
BV Kinsmen Bursary The BV Kinsmen Bursary is awarded to a student that volunteers and supports their community.  $250 May

BV Research Centre Scholarship


Irving Fox Memorial Scholarship for Natural and Cultural Resources Research and Management is awarded to a student from Northwestern British Columbia or a student enrolled in, or entering, studies in natural and cultural resources research and/or management in Northwestern British Columbia.

$750 - $1,000


Bulkley Valley Rod & Gun Club Bursary is awarded to deserving student who meets the requirements. See application for more details.

2 x $500


Catholic Women’s League Bursary is awarded to a student who attended St. Joseph's School, Smithers, for at least three   Shows high academic standings and financial need.




CMTN Foundation CCP Completion Scholarships The CMTN Foundation CCP Completion Scholarships are available to students who have completed CMTN's Career & College Preparation program and are planning to attend CMTN in the fall Semester as a full-time student in an academic or trades foundation program. $750  Jun
CMTN Foundation High School Completion Scholarships The CMTN Foundation CCP Completion Scholarships are open to students who graduated high school during the current year, and intend to pursue an academic or trades program at CMTN in the fall semester. 4 X $750  Jun

COFI Forestry Scholarship

Online Application

COFI provides twelve $1,500 entrance scholarships to students enrolling at a post-secondary institution in a program leading to a career in the forestry industry.

12 X $1,500


Coast Mtn GM Bursary Coast Mtn Bursary is open to any students that meet the noted criteria $1000.00 April

CUPE Local 1570 Bursary is open to a child or grandchild of a Town of Smithers, Smithers Library, or Village of Telkwa employee and Local 1570 Union member.



CUPE Local 2145Bursaries are available to a child or grandchild of all Local 2145 Union Members - one for a student attending Smithers Secondary School and one for a student attending Houston Secondary School that is graduating.



Fine Arts Award - Dance, Drama, Music, Visual



Indigenous Languages & Culture Award

International Languages Award

Physical Activity Award - Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics

Technical & Trades Training Awards - Automotive, 

Robotics, Coding, Carpentry, Culinary Arts, Mechanics

Applied Design, Skills, Technologies - Business, Technology, Home Economics, Information communication Technology, 4-H

Community Service - Volunteer Activity

Gavin Grubb Environmental Education Bursary is awarded to an eligible graduating student of Smithers Secondary School, entering an environmental science field in the upcoming September term.



Gitanyow, Gitksan and Wet'suwet'en Fisheries and Science Scholarship Gitanyow, Gitksan, and Wet'suwet'en Fisheries and Science Scholarship up to six scholarships valued at $1,500 to $2,500. Intended for graduates with Gitanyow, Gitksan, or Wet'suwet'en ancestry pursuing post-secondary studies in fisheries / wildlife / natural resource management / business but other candidates may be considered. Priority to students graduating from Hazelton Secondary, Smithers Secondary, or Caledonia Secondary.  up to $2500  May
Hy-Tech Drilling Scholarship This scholarship is open to Indigenous students and mature students. The scholarship will provide $1,000 to cover tuition and related expenses.  $1000 May
Hy-Tech Tahltan Drilling Scholarship This scholarship is open to Tahltan Nation Indigenous students (including mature students).  $1000 May

Hy-Tech Drilling #1 - Mechanical Mind (Trade School)Scholarships : This scholarship is open to students pursuing an educational path in welding, machining, or mechanics who reside across Canada where Hy-Tech Drilling operates. 



Hy-Tech Drilling #2 - Creative Arts Scholarships This scholarship is open to students pursuing a full-time post secondary education within a creative arts discipline who reside across Canada where Hy-Tech Drilling operates. 



Hy-Tech Drilling #3 – Left Lateral Leap (Innovative Thinking) Scholarships are awarded to eligible students pursuing an educational path which emphasizes innovative thinking will be considered priority applicants.  This scholarship is open to students across Canada where Hy-Tech Drilling operates. 



Interior News Business Bursariesfor any graduating student who will be pursuing a diploma, apprenticeship, certification or degree in Office Administration, Business Management, Tourism or a Trade Skill (e.g. Welding, Carpentry, Aircraft Maintenance).



NNW Foundation Scholarship

Online Application 

NNW Foundation provides scholarship awards for Grade 12 students in Northern BC demonstrating leadership, academic curiosity, creativity and drive.

2 X $1,500


Pacific Inland Resources Bursary Pacific Inland Resources Bursary is available to graduating students of a PIR employee.  $1500  May

QWI Bursary is open to applicants residing in the Quick or other rural Smithers area, will be attending university, college, or trade school program within two calendar years of graduation.



Ruth Harvey Memorial Art Scholarship is open to students pursuing post-secondary study in Visual Arts

2 x $1,000


Order of the Royal Purple – is open to graduating students furthering their education, working their way to their final goal



Elks Bursary – is to assist students from Smithers, British Columbia, to further their education in any desired field of study.


Smithers Minor Hockey Association Bursary is open to hockey players with long standing membership with SMHA and has a good academic record.



Smithers Pride Society Bursary

Smithers Pride Society Bursary is open to graduating students of SSS who have been active in 2SLGBTQ+ rights.


St. James Anglican Church St. James Anglican Church Bursary is open to any student pursuing further education at either college or trades school. $1000 June

St. Joseph’s School Bursary is open to graduating studentswho attend Smithers Secondary School and have attended St. Joseph's School for a minimum of 4 years.

2 X $500


Renewable Resource Management Bursary - Students entering the field of Renewable Resource Management or one closely associated will be given preference.



2.  SSS COMMON SCHOLARSHIP AND BURSARY APPLICATION   Due on or before February 24, 2023 at 3:15pm.

This Common Application encompasses approximately 25 local scholarships and bursaries. Grade 12 students who submit this application to the SSS counselling office are applying for all of these awards at once.

Please note: all awards included in this application are different than the awards listed above.

Common Application -please click here


Click here for the link to the 2023 application. 

These awards recognize excellence in non-academic fields. Awards are given in the following areas: Indigenous Languages and Culture, Fine Arts, Applied Skills, Physical Activity, International Languages, Community Service, and Technical and Trades Training.  

This is a comprehensive application process that requires a presentation in front of a panel, a reflective essay and a supportive letter from a teacher.

Institution of Study:

Every post-secondary institution has its own scholarship and awards program. When you decide which post-secondary you will be applying to, check their website (usually under "financial aid") and/or school calendar. Most institutions make an effort to post their scholarships and awards well ahead of deadlines. Please note, some of the school scholarships and awards will require separate application forms.

Other Ministry of Education Provincial Program Scholarships:

The BC Provincial Scholarships Program recognizes student achievement in a wide variety of areas. In addition to the provincial exam scholarships (see above) and the District/Authority scholarships (see above), the Ministry of Education scholarship program also includes the following scholarships:

BC Excellence Scholarships

BC Achievement Scholarships

BC Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarships

Secondary School Apprenticeship Scholarships:

Students registered as a youth apprentice with the ITA and who meet the eligibility criteria can qualify for a $1000 scholarship. These scholarships are awarded automatically-- there is no need to apply.


Many scholarships, bursaries, and awards are from union or employer groups, professional organizations, special interest groups, etc. Although there is no “master list” of scholarships out there, there are many scholarship databases that students can use to help them find scholarship opportunities. Good places to start your search: 

 Scholarships Canada 

 Student Scholarships

 BC Scholarships (Student Guide for BC Students)


Below you will find some scholarships that are available to you. They are sorted by deadline date range. 

Click on the link to verify the scholarship deadline

Provincial and National Scholarships/Bursaries