Exciting AGST Hands on Activity for Elementary Students:

Elementary teachers now have the opportunity to allow their students to experience woodworking in a classroom setting utilizing the APPLIED DESIGN SKILLS AND TECHNOLOGIES curriculum.
The Elementary Woodshop Program provides a cross-curricular component that touches on traditional subjects such as math and science but also delves into drafting, power technology, entrepreneurship and an introduction to trade careers and includes a lesson discussing Aboriginal perspectives and knowledge which has been reviewed by an Indigenous Education Resource Teacher. The lessons encompass many of the learning standards in the new curriculum and is geared towards different grade levels.
Currently we have a number of custom activities with elementary classes occurring at the high school but we will soon be mobile allowing us to visit with both supplies and equipment.

Grade Level Construction Component:
K-1 Maker Block 
Grade 2 Build a Buddy
Grade 3 Locomotive 
Grade 4 Planter 
Grade 5 Bird Feeder 
Grade 6 Logging Truck 
Grade 7 Bird House 

Maker resources: Career Workbook  Taking Making into the Classroom

If you are interested in taking part in this exciting opportunity and allowing your students the chance to carry out a project that culminates in a hands on activity then please peruse the attachments. Once you are familiar with your grade specific activity we will gladly assist you with the actual construction and planning.
Please contact us if you are interested.
Looking forward to working with you,
Tom Butz
Trades Coordinator School District #54
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Gavin Scorer
Trades Support SSS
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Scott Richmond
Trades Support HSS
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Grade 10-12 students will be working in a cohort exploring a variety of trades over the semester. Students will be introduced to trades such as: welding, electrical, carpentry and heavy equipment operator. The program is designed to give students skill in a variety of trades and a better understanding of what each trade requires to help them make more informed career choices in the trades. Students will be working out of the Smithers Secondary and Northwest Community College. Preference will be given to grade 10 students.

Welcome to Smithers Secondary School's Trades Page. Here you can find
information about what we are offering at Smithers Secondary School. 

We will be updating this Section Regularly Throughout the Course of the Year,
so check for updates regularly!

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cofi 1

For over 20 years the Counsel of Forest Industries has been offering students in our region valuable forestry and career curriculum. This year was no exception, on Oct. 5-6th, thirty students from Smithers Secondary and Houston Secondary as well as students from two other schools participated in a two day COFI sponsored Natural Resource management camp hosted this year by the Houston Canfor mill and the Northwest Forest Fire base. On Wednesday we traveled to a cut block up the Granisle road and students participated in workshops involving block layout, soil science, forest health and tree planting. We finished up with a tour of the cut block getting to see all the harvesting machines in action. Presenters explained what their role is in the harvest and how students could educate/ train themselves for a career in the field if they thought the work was interesting.

cofi 2

                On Thursday the activities were based out of the Northwest Forest Fire base in Telkwa. Students participated in challenges involving setting up a fire pump hose system, building a fire guard around a slash pile and then using a diesel/gas drip can to spark up the piles. In the afternoon students were mixed into teams to participate in 7 challenges covering everything from a version of the fire crew fitness test, to a “pee” can target shoot and building a shelter with a tarp, rope and found materials in the bush. 

cofi 1 

Each presenter that spoke talked enthusiastically about their area of expertise and how students could turn their education into a rewarding forestry career. The COFI organizers Chris Lear and Jim Costley did a masterful job of organizing a great lineup of speakers/activity leaders. They also turned out to be great bush cooks putting together BBQ lunches and snacks for forty plus people out of the back of their truck. Thanks to Jim and Chris, all the people from CANFOR and the Northwest Fire crew at the Telkwa base for your information, enthusiasm and a rich two day experience for the student participants. Thanks also to Mr. Grice and Michael Nelligan, EMAP instructor, for your help getting this organized at the school end.


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